Don's Platform

Beavercreek is a great place to live. We have great schools and employment opportunities. As a council member, I will strive to keep our city a vibrant, safe, and affordable place to live. Don has spent most of his life working to better the city through various activities. Our city is a destination for business and for people looking to buy homes. As a city government he believes that we need to do everything we can to help promote the city and keep it safe. 

Keep Beavercreek affordable-The recent tornado has shown that the city needs to develop alternative funding opportunities to help us continue to grow. This is something that we have to discuss on many levels to provide relief for our citizens and their tax burdens. I am in favor of looking for alternative funding measures as long as there would be a reduction in property taxes.

Be involved- We need to listen to all sides of an issue that come before the city and try to ensure that what is decided is best for the city. The only way to effectively do that is by being in the community and listening to our residents. We must also talk with other community leaders to develop a process that is beneficial to all of our residents.

Police- We are blessed with a professional, well trained Police Department. Don is a very strong believer in keeping a professional, effective, and well trained Police Department. He has worked with the Beavercreek Police Department for several years and will continue to work with them.

Parks- Beavercreek is blessed with many parks throughout the community. It is important to work closely with the Parks Department to help maintain the quality of recreational areas around the city.

Schools-Don believes we have a very good school system. In fact, several of his family members have graduated from Beavercreek and as a result of the education they received  have been very successful in their lives. Beavercreek Schools have a strong reputation through out the country for the quality of education they provide. We would work with the schools to support them as they continue to produce strong, effective leaders for our future.

Development- We must continue to provide for planned development and redevelopment of our cities commercial enterprises . We need to create a positive balance between the growth of business and the impact it may have on our residents. Beavercreek has been blessed with high property values and we want to work to keep that in place.

Support our Seniors-- Beavercreek has a large senior population. We need to address their needs as we look at the overall development of the city over the next several years. They have developed a  lifetime of knowledge and skills which  can contribute to our city.