My name is Don Adams and I am running for Beavercreek City Council.

My wife, Ann, and I  have lived in Beavercreek for over 40 years. During that time, I have volunteered over 15,000 hours to the Beavercreek Police Department, Beavercreek High School, Beavercreek Jaycees and other entities.

Beavercreek has been a great place to live and grow our family. Two of our children and two of our grandchildren graduated from Beavercreek High School. 

One of the reasons I am running for City Council is to help Beavercreek continue to be a vibrant, safe, and comfortable place to live and work. A place you are proud to call home. A place where children can grow and learn to become productive and successful adults.

The recent tornado has shown me two things,

1, the citizens of Beavercreek are resilient, compassionate, and willing to do what is necessary to help their fellow neighbors.

2. It is time for me to step up and serve our community in a more proactive way. I have considered becoming a City Council person in the past,but because I traveled as a salesman through out the week that was not possible. I retired this past year and feel it is time for me to step up even more than I have to give back to our great city.

John Gardner once said "The influential citizen-whether he is a farmer or  banker or labor leader or professor or lawyer-cannot evade his responsibility to the larger community" We can not expect to live in a community and not be a part of it. If we stand by and do nothing , and enough other people do the same, we will no longer have a vibrant, growing community.

I am a "Citizen not a Politician". My goal in running for this office is , not to have it be a stepping stone to some future opportunity, but to work hard with in the community to keep it as good or better than it already is. Beavercreek has been very good to me and I am ready to be good for Beavercreek. I have always thought that if I could make an impact, I should. I will work as hard as I can to make it a positive one!...……..

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